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Erik Olson - Producers Chemical


John Copeland - Fusion Multimedia


Erik Olson - Producers Chemical


Mike Traub - Standard Colors, Inc.


Charles Billstrand - INX Int'l Ink Company



CPIPC Past Presidents



 Year   President   Company

2024   Erik Olson    Producers Chemical Company

2023   Arshad Khan   IGM Resins

2022   Ian Smillie     Sun Chemical 

2021   Russell Heinzinger   Specialty Chemical Sales

 2020   James Duel    Kri-Tex Chemical Int. LTD

 2019   Bob Jendrzejczyk    Clariant Pigments

 2018   Duke Thompson   Brandt Technologies, Inc. 

 2017   Brian Chwierut   Sun Chemical

 2016   Mike Stoltz    Flint Pigments

 2015   Kris Johansen    Toyo Ink America

 2014   Dave Vogelsang    Calumet Specialty

 2013   Kim Terrulli    Kustom Group

 2012   Kane Henneke   Keystone Dyes

 2011   Jim Rickert   Wikoff Color Corporation

 2010   John Sergeant   Modern Printing Colors

 2009   Mike Schultz   Fitz Chemical

 2008   Dave Bosak   Apollo Colors Inc

 2007   Luigi Ribaudo   Sun Chemical

 2006   Henry Brooks   M.D. Both

 2005   Tom Gwizdalski   Magie Bros. Oil Co.

 2004   Tobias Steik   Central Ink Corp.

 2003   Jeff Coyne    Valspar Corp.

 2002   Richard Small   B&D Industrial Chemical

 2001   James Kats   Akzo-Nobel

 2000   Al Baird    INX International

 1999   Andrew Grabacki   General Press Colors

 1998   Doug Anderson   Central Ink Corp.

 1997   Jay Bracken    T.H. Hilson

 1996   Steve Miller    Graphic Color Corp.

 1995   Marvin Small   B&D Industrial Chemical                            

 1994   Alfie de los Monteros   Flint Ink Corp.

 1993   Rich Bradley   Carroll Scientific

 1992   George Galindo    Sun Chemical

 1991   Patricia Mitchell   Graphic Color Corp.

 1990   Mark Fuchs    PMC Chemical 

 1989   Dean Roeing   Croda Inks

 1988   Dave Bracken   T.H. Hilson

 1987   Lou Nava    N.A.P.I.C.

 1986   Ed Tilly   Apollo Colors

 1985   Don McNeil  Graphic Color

 1984   Bill Tasker   Acme Printing 

 1983   Jim Ramaker Bowers Printing Ink

 1982   Gene Mitchell Sinclair & Valentine

 1981   Dick Drong   Sun Chemical

 1980   Scott Clark   Magruder Color

 1979   Richard Hoster   Magie Bros. Oil Co.

 1978   Norman Johnson   N.A.P.I.C.

 1977   John Dyer, Sr.  Dyall Products

 1976   Thomas Semmons   Mooney Chemical

 1975   Lou Casa   Alden & Ott Printing Ink

 1974   Bruce McIntosh Alden & Ott Printing Ink

 1973   Joseph Krause Handschy Ind.

 1972   Thomas Sharp Bowers Printing Ink

 1971   William Jackson Bowers Printing Ink

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